Jazz Partout !

Jazz Partout !

Jazz Manouche dans la plus belle tradition de
Django Reinhardt et ses héritiers

Some Background Information On Jazz Manouche

Gypsy swing evolved in 1930s as a blend of French Sinti culture and Afro-American hot jazz, and it also has some of its roots in other popular musics of the era. Today we can see, how new influences have sneaked in during the years to keep the style fresh. Here you have a few articles to obtain a little broader view on Jazz Partout's music style.

Django Reinhardt Biography

I have compiled here a story of Django Reinhardt using the latest information available. Charles Delauney's Django Reinhardt (orig. Django, mon frere) was for years practically the only bio available, but since the early 1990s several excellent books have been published about Django Reinhardt: some of them have their focus on music and the surrounding culture, others are more traditional biographies. Read this article about the man, who influenced the development of jazz as significantly as Louis Armstrong or Charlie Parker.

Gypsy Swing Today

A short glance at the present state of jazz Manouche, with a section of prominent players. Of course you have to know Minor Swing, Nuages and Les Yeux Noirs by heart, if you want to be able to take part in a jam session, but this music is so much more than being retrograde and imitating Django.

Guitare Manouche

The famous guitar type endorsed by Django Reinhardt and his peers. Selmer company, the original maker only produced less than 1000 guitars during its twenty years of production, but others have taken on the task to reproduce and refine this original innovation of Mario Maccaferri.


Some pointers to lead you forward on this subject.

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